Our advantage

Our First Advantage

Company chief engineer Liu Fangping in simulation technology industry has more than 15 years of experience.

----------- Liu Fangping (The Chief Engineer)

Our Second Advantage

Can we have a professional installation team, efficient and quality to complete the installation of the customer requirements, all has the customer as the center. Installation have specialized designer team, solve the problem of customers in the installation site design, can reveal the company's products and efficient, convenient customer is our company's installation team concept.

----------- The Installation Team On-site Installation

Our Third Advantage

Customers can know tracking order products into the factory production situation at any time, ensure the quality of products meet your requirements, learn about other products have a professional receptionist interpretation of the company's productsfor you. You want to understand information, ensure the accuracy of information and customer understanding of the company's production quality, and any company willing to establish a long-term cooperative partnership.

----------- Customer Visit (Products To Understand)

Our Fourth Advantage

We have high quality transport cooperation company, make sure you see the quality of the products in the factory, in the transportation to your customer hand is the same. International transportation we have a professional partner, can give you a satisfactory transportation price, and ensure the quality of transportation and transportation when the irresistible problems to solve in time, let your peace of mind as soon as the goods.

----------- Arrange the transportation

Our Fifth Advantage

We respect the customer all ideas, as long as can realize company will do all we can, because the customer's creative will enrich our product, when production will improve our production technology and quality, so we respect the customer's ideas and thoughts. We are not limited to product appearance, only to produce customer satisfaction products.

----------- Respect For The Customer(We Implement Customer Idea)