Factory supplier adult realistic walking 6m Big Size Dinosaur Costume T Rex

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Factory supplier adult realistic walking 6m Big Size Dinosaur Costume T Rex

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Why buy dinosaur costume from Cetnology?
1. You are dealing with a real producer with over ten years' experience in this industry.
2. You will get an unique dinosaur costumes differing from that bought from other factories.
3. You will get a light weight dinosaur costume with more flexible movement, more simple and easier operation.
4. Customization available: the species, size, color, function, appearance, visible leg or hidden leg can be customized according to your desire.
5. We are focusing on one-stop services from pre-design service, order, production, transportation to after sale service.
Cetnology Dinosaur costume, exclusively invented produced by our company, which we are applying invention patent for.

Material :
Stainless Steel+ Advanced foam + special fade proof paint +Exclusive new skin materials and new internal frame design for higher confort leveel and flexibility + camera screen +Fan + Speaker
Basic Movements:
   1 Head move
   2. neck move
   3. eyes blink
   4. mouth open & close with synchronized vivid sound
   5. body up & down & left & right
   6. tail swing
Size : 6 Meters Length for high 1.65-2.1m adults 
Weight:  30-33KG
SoundDinosaur/alive roaring sound/Customized 
Color : As photo or customized 

Delivery Time Depends on the quantity

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